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And then there's Dunning...
As a village Dunning is probably Perthshire's best kept secret. It's tiny, but it holds a pay to play golf course, tennis courts, two pubs, pick your own fruit farm and shop, loads of walks, 40 mile cycle routes and lots of history. Within 2 minutes you can find an 800 year old church built on a spot where 6 century St Serf supposedly slew a dragon. In it they've popped a 9th Century Pictish carving.
If you really love your history you'll already know about the Dunning Roman camp, the burning of witches and the links to the Viking Rollo. Won't go on, but the point is it's old and there is stuff to look at. If that's not enough for you, Perth is 15 minutes away by car, Glasgow and Edinburgh are 60 minutes away. Dunning is very close to the A9. 
That's if the bottle of bubbly waiting in the fridge doesn't tempt you to hang up your car keys...
Wild Path
Fire Wood
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